Sunday, February 25, 2018

Abigail Dexter: London and the UK February 24 to March 2

In London for two days Beginning February 24, before heading to Rotherham, South Yorkshire, by train to visit Cousin Emmanuel and Liberty Church where he is associate pastor. Leaving for London March 1 to return to Boston March 2.

March 2: My plane (Boeing 777) in the snow and ice at Heathrow. While many flights to the U.S. were cancelled, including Boston, mine was not. Arrived a little after 8:00 p.m. A bit of a roller-coaster as we were landing...won't lie!

March 2: Heathrow and on to Boston. First, a stop at Gordon Ramsay's famous "Plane Food" spot on the concourse before boarding at 5:23 p.m. instead of 4:40. Delay because snow was blitzing London since yesterday. For awhile thought they might cancel.

March 1: "Dinner at the Radisson (Heathrow)...Ohh yes!!!"


February 24: The Blakemore Hyde Park on arrival from Jharsuguda via Delhi.

Another hotel selfie. Place is great, but is being refurbished. Kitchen is closed. No worries. I'll make it! 

Nice upgrade, though...Off to the British Museum, Tower of London, and Westminster.

February 25: British Museum, real mummies. Where's Brendan Fraser when we need him? 

Tower of London, chill in the air. Met a lady from Florida on a tour bus and we went around together. Her name is Teresa. She's retired but works for an airline stewardess so she can travel. We had lunch together and had a fantastic time.

London Street heading toward dusk

February 26: Train heading north to Rotherham

February 27: Lunch with Cousin Emmanuel

With Emmanuel and Rose, a native of India. Rose is also on the staff of Liberty Church.

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